Monoprinting with Gelli plates and Pebeo paint

Monoprinting with Gelli plates and Pebeo paint

Not long ago I bought a few Gelli plates. Why? Because I am an art supply addict and the fix of the month is monoprinting. Gelli plates are called such because they're made of gelatin - flexible and kinda squishy but durable, like jello left in the fridge for four months (not that I've ever done that).

There are endless techniques you can use. Endless! It all looks sooooo very easy but just like everything else, it requires experimentation and patience. I hate patience. I'm very impatient with patience. But, whatever.

On Instagram, I started following an artist with the handle Junky Kid. I'm really digging his technique, but I have yet to achieve the results he gets. He uses laser printer prints. I went out and bought a cheapy laser printer but still didn't get the same results. Come to find out, you need a cmyk laser printer. Of course you do. I'll have to get them at print shop instead. One of these days I'll do that.

In the mean time, I'm basically printing a background and doing a painting on top of the background or using a stencil. But! I have been using these totally groovy, iridescent paints from Pebeo.

Ermegerd! I loves them. The queen bought a few colors a while ago and I discovered them in a stash of her art supplies, unused (*whisper* she's an addict too). To see the effect, the light has to hit them just right. It doesn't really show up in these photos, but in the studio you can see them glooooooow! So cool.

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