J'ai Fait Tout

J'ai Fait Tout

The new tenant show at Winter Street is called Bloom. I created three new pieces for this show using some new masking techniques and squiggly line work. I'm also digging using stencils, especially flower stencils. Plus, I've been incorporating text. I've done this in the past but it's more of a thing these days. 

J'ai Fait Tout
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This painting is called J'ai Fait Tout. The title is inspired by a song mainly because I like the song, not necessarily because I think I embody the words. Because, who has done it all?  

Sometime in 2001 I was listening to our public radio station here in Houston, KPFT. They played Red Dirt Girl by Emmylou Harris, that day I bought the CD. It's very weird saying that because I haven't purchased a CD in forever. 

A few years later the queen and I took a trip to San Francisco and then drove up to Mendocino. Red Dirt Girl was one the albums we played throughout the trip. She later put the album on her iPod and the song, J'ai Fait Tout, popped up in her queue more often than any of the many songs she had downloaded and she really enjoyed that song on an album of a bunch of good ones. 

Throughout the years Red Dirt Girl has been a mainstay album choice on all our road trips and we've basically have driven all over the the country. But we haven't done it all.

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